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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

Is Your Preschool Student Shy? Three Ways To Encourage Them To Say "Hi" And Join In At School

by Maico Paling

Preschool is one of the biggest changes -- and possibly, one of the biggest challenges -- of your child's early life. Many children adapt to the preschool environment with ease, but for the shy kids it can be far more difficult. While shyness is a personality trait that probably won't change completely, there is still plenty that you can do to help your child become more comfortable as they start preschool for the first time. 

Approach Other Kids

Approaching a group of people can be scary even for adults. For a shy child, it can be almost paralyzing, so it's important to help them become comfortable with other kids. Start with making friends one at a time. Encourage your child to share a toy or play with another child in the preschool. Approaching just one person is always easier for shy kids, so this can be an easy way to make friends at your child's own pace.

Take Part in Activities

Activities like school plays or choir shows can be extremely intimidating for shy children. It tends to go against their nature to do anything that will put them on full display in front of others, but shows and concerts require them to do just that. The best way to help a shy child get used to the idea of group activities and performances is to ease them into it gently.

Try practicing the school play or choir songs at home until you see your child grow more confident. Don't force the issue, though. Try to talk up the activity in question, mentioning all the fun and exciting things associated with the activity. Your child will eventually start to see it as a little less scary and a lot more fun.

Choose the Right Environment

All preschool programs are not created equally. If your child is struggling with their current preschool environment, they may be in a program that is simply wrong for them. Seek out a preschool program that has a low teacher-to-student ratio. This will allow your child to get more individual attention from the teacher, especially during those times that they are feeling uncertain or worried.

Be sure to let your child's teachers know that they are shy before starting the program. An experienced and skilled preschool teacher may just be able to find additional subtle ways to help your shy child assimilate into preschool seamlessly -- and happily.

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