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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

3 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Business School

by Maico Paling

Business school is about more than taking classes. It is about building connections and experiences that will help you succeed in the business world. If you really want to make the most of attending a graduate business program, you need to stretch yourself outside of the classroom. 

Attend Informational Interviews 

While you are in business school, part of your job as a student is to figure out what you want to do in the business world, which is broad and deep. Just knowing you want to do business is not enough. As a business school student, you are in a unique position to contact companies and successful professionals and let them know you are in business school and see if they would allow you to conduct an informational interview. Conducting informational interviews is a great way to learn what you want to do in the business world, and it is also a great way to expand your contacts and set yourself up for success. Someone you interview could help you discover a new career path, or someone you interview could end up being a great reference or could tell you about a job opportunity down the road. You can set up informational interviews yourself, and use your network at school to find people to interview.  

Participate in Clubs & Organizations 

Now is not the time to act cool and hold yourself back; this is not high school, it is graduate school. Research the clubs and organizations that are offered through your business school, and pick a few to join. Clubs and organizations that you join in business school can help you connect with important contacts and learn skills that will serve you in the business world. 

Choose at least one club that is a little outside your comfort zone; this is the time where you can and should be pushing yourself a little bit. Make sure you are pushing yourself both inside and outside the classroom.  

Attend Optional Lectures & Talks 

Graduate schools regularly bring in lots of amazing speakers. Attend as many optional lectures and talks at your school as you can. These are great opportunities to hear different perspectives, learn new information, and even meet the speakers. Attending lectures and talks can help give you a competitive advantage in the business world and can help you build up your contacts. 

Business school is about more than what happens inside the classroom. It is about taking advantage of a unique opportunity to learn about others via informational interviews, a chance to participate in clubs and organizations that will help you expand your network, and attend lectures and talks that will allow you to meet industry leaders.