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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

Develop These 5 Skills Now To Excel At Accounting School

by Maico Paling

Do you plan to take classes at an accounting school? You can improve your success in those classes by polishing some skills now. What are some of these valuable skills that will ensure success in class and beyond? Here are five of the most important to foster and ways to do so. 

1. Basic Math.

The good news for anyone considering accounting as a career is that you don't need to be a pro at calculus, geometry, or other higher or more abstract forms of math. But you should focus on developing skills at using things like ratios, percentages, fractions, statistics, and basic algebra. Then apply these in-word problems and by studying real-life business situations. 

2. Communications.

Accounting itself may be largely about the numbers, but you must be able to communicate about those numbers. Learn to use professional grammar and vocabulary, to speak in a variety of situations (including both public and interpersonal), and to write business emails and letters. Both accounting students and professionals must be able not only to analyze items but to explain their findings to others. 

3. Problem Solving.

A lot of accounting involves finding problems and solving them. This ranges from doing account reconciliations to figuring out why a business is losing money. Your classes will also involve being presented with challenges and finding the correct — or the best — solution. Take advantage of every opportunity to solve puzzles, fix your work, and brainstorm solutions to different quandaries. 

4. Independent Work.

Can you motivate yourself to take on a project and see it through? Are you self-disciplined about time and energy? If so, you have a head start for accounting class. Although you will encounter some team work both in school and in your career, much of your work will be done independently. Learn now to enjoy and be successful working on both short- and long-term projects on your own.  

5. Software Skills.

Modern accounting is tech-heavy. You may learn how to do it using pencil and paper, but you'll put that into actual practice through computers. Become comfortable using office software — including spreadsheets and databases — and modern technology like cloud storage and digital documents. And because you'll work on a variety of office software, learn common features that will make it easier to adapt to new variations. 

Developing these five key skills now will help you excel in school and in your career. And you'll find more joy in the work. Want more tips? Make an appointment with a counselor at an accounting school in your area today.