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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

Do you know what your child learned in school today? How will you reinforce that lesson that the teacher prepared? Unfortunately, if you simply hope that your kid will remember the material, you might end up frustrated a little later. Being involved with your children as they go through school is vital to their success, and might even help them to stay out of trouble. Check out this website filled with interesting, informative articles about education. Jot down ideas that might help you on a daily basis. It might seem like a small move, but it might make all the difference to your kid.


Reinforcing Your Child's Education

4 Advantages Of Online Elementary School

by Maico Paling

As you consider your child's learning options for next year, one option that you should seriously consider is online elementary school. Even if your local school district is not offering online elementary schools, there are online elementary schools you can sign your child up for.

#1: Comfortable Learning Environment

In a traditional elementary school, your child is expected to receive most of their educational instruction while sitting in a rigid chair at a desk or while sitting crisscross on the floor, listening to the teacher deliver a lesson. This is a very rigid learning method that is not that comfortable for most children's bodies.

With online learning, you can set up your child's learning environment so that it is comfortable for them. Perhaps they listen to lessons while sitting on a yoga ball or while curled up in a beanbag on the floor or while sitting in a soft and comfortable chair. With online school, you can set up your child's learning environment to feel comfortable and allow your child to focus. 

#2: Calmer Routine

When it is time to clean up or transition in a traditional school, a bell may ring or music may play. Students are expected to eat their food during a very limited time period and stop outside play when the whistle blows. All of this is rigid, and for many students, not very calm.

With online schooling at home, you can set up a calmer routine, where your child is not rushed through every activity with bells, whistles, and other harsh transition methods. You can make transitioning from one task to another smoother and more enjoyable.

#3: Individualized Schedule

With online learning, you can set up a schedule that works for your child. Generally, there will be specific lessons that they are expected to attend in person, but outside of those lessons, it is up to you and your child how they set up their schedule.

This allows for a more individualized schedule that fits your child's needs. Perhaps you have all of your child's formal schooling lessons and classes scheduled for the morning, and you use the entire afternoon for more immersive and exploratory learning options. Or maybe your child takes swimming lessons in the morning, and you have their classes in the afternoon. You can set up your child's schedule to fit their needs and other interests.

#4: Pace-Based Learning

In a traditional classroom, students are expected to all work simultaneously, with some getting left behind and others becoming bored because they complete the work too fast. With online school, your child will get a lesson delivered by the teacher, and then they will have all the time they need to get the work done. If they need fifteen minutes or an hour, they can get the work done and move onto something else or take their time on the task as needed. They will get to self-pace the work they do outside of scheduled lessons. The teacher will also be able to adjust your student's work schedules based on their needs.

Traditional schooling is not for everyone. Consider an online elementary school like Agora Cyber Charter School