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Reinforcing Your Child's Education

Do you know what your child learned in school today? How will you reinforce that lesson that the teacher prepared? Unfortunately, if you simply hope that your kid will remember the material, you might end up frustrated a little later. Being involved with your children as they go through school is vital to their success, and might even help them to stay out of trouble. Check out this website filled with interesting, informative articles about education. Jot down ideas that might help you on a daily basis. It might seem like a small move, but it might make all the difference to your kid.


Reinforcing Your Child's Education

Make Sure Your Child Is Emotionally Ready For The First Day Of Preschool

by Maico Paling

Do you have a young child who will be in preschool within the next year? If so, you should start now to make sure that your child is emotionally ready to leave his or her parents for an extended amount of time and start interacting with other children. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help ensure your child's preschool experience goes as well as possible.

Make Sure YOU Are Emotionally Ready First

When it comes to discussing "separation anxiety" when a kid first goes off to school, most people are talking about the child. But many parents can feel a bit down about having to send the child they've taken care of every single day for the first few years of their life into the care of others, even for a few short hours. It's important to make your peace with this situation and not allow your child to see you get upset or emotional about the idea of letting them head off to school. Children can often tell when their parents are not acting the way they usually do, even if you think you are doing a good job of hiding it. Your child will see through any walls you put up if you are truly not OK and children often take a cue on how they should act emotionally from how their parents are acting. Make sure you aren't going to be the one that starts crying when you drop your kid off or those tears are likely to transfer right over to your offspring.

Visit the School With Your Child So It's Not a Foreign Place

Young children are sometimes afraid of the unknown but you can help your child with the transition to school by making sure the preschool is a "known" place they've already visited. Most schools will let potential or future students visit to take a tour of the area. Maybe your child can even hang out with some of the other kids while you stand nearby. Introducing your child to the adults that will take care of them may also put them at ease when they go back for the official start of school.

Talk to Other Parents If Possible

Do you have other children in your neighborhood or housing plan that are the same age as your child? Get in touch with other parents who are going through the same thing and let your child meet and play with some of their future classmates if possible. Some schools may even assist with scheduling a play date like this by putting parents in touch with each other.

To ensure your child has the best preschool experience possible, consider the above tips.